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It's hard for little ones to believe that Grandma was ever a kid, just like they are. Filled with lots of open-ended questions, this book makes it fun and easy for her to capture and pass down her family history, traditions, childhood memories and adventures with the ones she loves. Learn more about gift books.

  • This book has been updated with new designs and pages are easier to fill out.
  • It is intended to help a grandma reflect upon her memories and to share them with the ones she loves.
  • Questions explore family history, childhood memories, cherished traditions and the spirited adventures encountered in a lifetime.
  • Hardcover; 192 pages.
  • 8.25" H x 5.25" W

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What people are saying

Grandparent's Legacy: Memories & Messages from a Grandparent 5 5 2 2
Grandparent's Legacy, Memories & Messages from a Grandparent I bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter's father-in-law. She & her husband gave him & his wife their very first grandchild. It was such a hit, I bought one for each of us to complete and give to her. We're all having fun committing memories & some of our personal histories to paper as a legacy for our grandkids. Comparing our responses is also giving us the opportunity to get to know one another better since we all live in different states. April 2, 2014
Love it! My fiance had gotten one of these for his grandfather and we filled it out with him. It was so great to see him going through all his old memories and telling us his stories. I got one for my great-grandmother recently and am looking forward to filling it out with her. We hear stories from our older generations, but so often they are lost. This is a great way to pass down memories of a beloved grandparent to the future generations who might not get to hear the stories first-hand. May 3, 2013
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