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Say bedtime prayers together every night with this Recordable Storybook. Even if you're miles away, your little one can hear you read this story as it takes them through bedtime rituals. You'll be practically tucking them in as the book ends in a familiar bedtime prayer they can recite along with you. Plus, connect with Hallmark + You, to capture, create and share your original sound clips in fun and unforgettable ways. Learn more about recordable storybooks.

  • Includes USB port for accessing Hallmark + You capabilities from your PC.
  • Features Voice Save Technology®.
  • Hardcover; 16 pages.
  • Includes music.
  • 8.625" W x 10" H x 1.25" D

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 5 5 3 3
Special keepsake Yes, I too, have been wanting to order more copies of this book. My grandpa's voice is one of the voices recorded on my original copy. He died last year, and I would like to attempt to rerecord my copy onto other copies to give to my cousins!!! I sure hope they make more! March 4, 2014
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep I think it is most unfortunate that this recordable storybook is not currently available. My great grandchild has read hers so many times it no longer works (bateries are not the problem). I would like to buy her another one, and more for my other 8 greatgrandchildren. Is there a possibility it will be reissued? If anyone ele feels the same way - please, add your comments so Hallmark will perhaps many voices calling for reprinting. Frieda White February 10, 2014
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, a Bedtime Prayer This is an excellent recordable book, one of the very best! I have bought and recorded almost all you have as I have 9 Great Grandchildren. I record and give them for birthdays and Christmas. Also your book My Little Princess is a precious book. I am trying to get more of My Little Princess and Now I Lay me Down to Sleep, A Bedtime Prayer and your site says out of stock December 11, 2013
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