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There are so many reasons to thank Mom. In this first-ever book created by Hallmark fans like you, you'll find lots of touching letters, poems and short stories that'll make you reflect on just how much moms do for the ones they love. Learn more about gift books.
About the book: She has always been your teacher, your cheerleader, your confidante, and your friend. Mom has done more for you than you probably even realize. In this book you will find letters, poems and short stories of gratitude written by Hallmark consumers.

  • Hardcover; 198 pages.
  • 5" W x 7" H

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What people are saying

Thanks, Mom: Letters, Poems and Short Stories of Gratitude 5 5 2 2
Beautiful, hearfelt Mom stories I'e read most of these heartfelt true life stories,poems and memories. It just reminds us of how much we are alike and how much we cherish our Moms. Loved it! May 1, 2013
Thanks, Mom I bought the book because my granddaughter had a poem in the book she had written to her mother, my daughter. After reading her poem several times and sharing it with friends, I started reading the other poems and stories. It is an uplifting book and shows a positive side of life that so many need to hear. I would recommend this book. April 25, 2013
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