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The Makeover 4.5 5 11 11
A nice gender role reversal from My Fair Lady Before writing this review, I looked at the other reviews submitted. A couple mentioned this was a nice remake of My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. One reviewer also "caught" the name similarities between the character names in My Fair Lady to The Makeover. I liked the casting of this movie too. I liked Camryn Manheim from the time she was on the TV series The Practice. One reviewer mentioned that male leads Boston accent seemed "forced". I'm not sure of that. The few shots of Boston in background were pretty good. True to standards I expect from Hallmark: little overt sexuality, little swearing, little overt violence, and a good story, this movie "measures up" on every one of these points. It is a sweet love story too. I have ALL of the HHofF movies that have been released for home video, up to the 2012-2013 and current season, as far as I know. A few were only available as "street copies", which are just the movie and not the extra features you get if you purchase the Gold Crown Edition. And, a few were not even released as Gold Crown Editions, but I have them too. I particularly enjoy the "Making Of" feature, in which the cast, director, producer talk about the making of the movie. They talk about how location was chosen, etc. There was a time if you missed the HHofF movie when it aired, you were out of luck. Thankfully, that isn't the case now. And, with having the Hallmark Channel on cable, one can often find the older HHofF movies there too. March 12, 2014
The Makeover This is a funny, cute and entertaining story of two opposite personalities who finally find they do have something in common---a passion for their causes. October 5, 2013
Nice My Fair Lady Twist I really like the updated twist on My Fair Lady. Although Julia Stiles and Camyrn Manheim were good as always, David Walton stood out as the star of this movie. Of course that is just my opinion. Had to add this to my Hallmark Collection. July 24, 2013
The Makeover resally good movie I was very pleased to see an Americanized version of My Fair Lady. The switch in roles was neat. The acting was great. Julia Stiles was her usual good self. Camryn Manheim has been a favorite of mine since her role in Ghost Whisperer. The roles changing from Prof. Higgins to Hannah Higgens and Eliza Dolittle to Elliot Dolittle worked well. Watching Hannah change from a cold fish to a befuddled woman confused by her feelings for someone totally out of her comfort range was funny and delightful. I haven't found a Hallmark movie I didn't like. Some more than others. I just wish all of your movies were available on dvd. I already have a large collection but want more. Great job. March 8, 2013
The Makeover Liked the storyline twist and the actors and locations. Nicely filmed. As good as the Good Witch DVD. Wish I could buy the Good Witch DVDs as well. March 4, 2013
The Makeover WE enjoyed this movie on TV and ordered it. We have watched it several tmes since we got it. Very good. Thanks for making good non violent movies that everyone can watch and enjoy Thanks again March 1, 2013
The Makeover It was a wonderful, clean, romantic movie that I enjoyed the whole way through. February 23, 2013
The Makeover- Not up to other Hallmark movie standards Very cute and great Boston scenes, but there was no chemistry between the leads. I didn't care if they lived, died, or fell in love. A better leading man would have helped. His Boston accent was so forced. I bought this movie because I'm related to one of the extras in this film. He looked fantastic. On a positive note, it is very clean and pretty family friendly. A few funny lines, too. February 15, 2013
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