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Celebrate back to school and encourage your own eager pupil with the help of Lucy as she works to become teacher's pet in the 2nd in our monthly series of Peanuts® ornaments. Learn more about Keepsake Ornaments.

  • 1" W x 2.25" H x 1.20" D

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Teacher Maria It seems that I am not alone, patiently waiting for Lucy to come in. I am on several waiting lists but alas, no Lucy to be found. Although I am an avid Hallmark Ornament Collector, this is the first one that I would like to have the entire collection. I am an elementary school teacher and want them for my classroom. The difficulty I am having obtaining this ornament is making me seriously reconsider buying any more ornaments that are part of a series. September 9, 2013
All Set for Let Down I am on 5 waiting lists at my local Hallmark stores for this ornament. Hallmark should have known that the interest in collecting this set would be high as there are MILLIONS of Peanuts collectors out here. The stores are even frustrated with the home office as they have to hear all of our complaints. HALLMARK do better by your customers! Give us LUCY!! I believe everyone should post on this site and demand Hallmark send each of us LUCY!! September 4, 2013
Lucy "All set for school" ornament I'm on a wishlist in 2 Hallmark stores in my town for this ornament and still can NOT get this. The stores fulfill the wishlist in order they were received, and I am #15 in one store and #22 in another. Very frustrated I can NOT get this. Hallmark should make more, especially when they know the demand is so great. I have been a lifelong Hallmark shopper and at times even an employee in 3 different Hallmark stores.....very frustrating! August 26, 2013
Aggrevated and upset Unable to get this product! Would like to have the full series! But it does not appear that that will happen! August 23, 2013
Not available The series is really cute and we collect lots of Peanuts items. But this was to be available Aug first "Today" . Went to get one and they were sold out. Hallmark knows this is a popular series they should make more available. August 1, 2013
A Bit Simple I know there are several others in the series that are on the simple side, but to me, this one seems the simplest of all. Most likely that's because you don't really see Lucy's backpack when you look at her head on. It's just the apple that gives you some idea what the ornament is all about. On the other hand, this is one of the few that does hang correctly from the stand. It's not that I hate this one, but it just doesn't grab me like the rest of the series does. July 30, 2013
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