Baby Cards

Send a personalized baby card celebrating the new parents and little one.

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Baby cards

Sending a greeting card celebrating the birth of a new baby is a wonderful way to show your support and love. Having a baby is a very hectic and certainly a life-changing event. When mom has a few brief moments of quiet, a baby card can bring a smile to her face and remind her that you are there for her and the family. The simplest of gestures can lift one’s spirits and sleep-deprived parents could always use some extra encouragement.

Hallmark offers a variety of baby cards from the lighthearted to the sweet to the religious. Many of the cards can even be personalized and feature a picture of the new baby right on the front. We will even address, stamp and mail the cards for you making this gesture even easier than ever. So select the baby card that expresses your feelings best and cheer up that new mom!