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To the folks of Conway, Duncan Mayor (Andy Garcia) is a very cranky guy. To his wife Suzy (Mary-Louise Parker), he’s a doting pussycat. But Suzy is ailing and is being cared for by nurse Natalie (Mandy Moore), whom Duncan tries his best to ignore. Duncan decides the best medicine for Suzy—and a Christmas present she’ll never forget—is a ride on a Ferris wheel, set up in their own backyard. Meanwhile, neighbor Gayle Matthews (Cheri Oteri) is determined her yard is going to win the town’s "Christmas Showcase." She’s hired Tommy (Riley Smith)—a young, award-winning landscaper and Suzy’s former student—to make it happen. But as soon as her job is done, Tommy starts to work next door. Fearing the competition, Gayle calls on her brother—who’s also the sheriff—to intervene. There are zoning laws to prevent this kind of thing, aren’t there? Christmas in Conway is a testament to love, filled with scenes of hilarity. You won’t want to miss it.

  • Starring Andy Garcia, Mandy Moore, Cheri Oteri, Riley Smith and Mary-Louise Parker.
  • Includes "making of" featurette.
  • Visit HallmarkHallofFame.com for behind-the-scenes interviews, biographies and credits.
  • Wide-screen version; standard definition; closed captioned; English subtitles for the hearing impaired.
  • Approx. 110 minutes running time.
  • Originally aired on 12/1/13.

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What people are saying

Christmas in Conway 4.9 5 15 15
Same great movie/different music score I saw this movie air on Hallmark channel when it had it's debut. Like everyone, I absolutely fell in love with it. One of the main factors in making me tear up at the end was the song that played when Duncan and Suzy took their ride at the end. That song is "On top of the World" and the artist is Matthew Perryman-Jones. It is now August 2014 and I realize I must get this movie for myself to add to my holiday movie collection. I found it at my local Hallmark store yesterday and I watched it last night. I was very disappointed to find that the music at the end had changed. This kind of kicked the emotion out of me. Whatever they have playing is not nearly as emotionally driven as Matthew Perryman-Jones "On top of the World".. I still love this movie, but the ending on DVD is a let down without that song. The artist allowed a free download of this song on his website. At least I now have the song, but On top of the world really needs to be put back into the DVD version of Christmas in Conway. Hallmark needs to pay this man for the song and please put it back. The removal of this song is the sole reason for only 4 stars for the DVD review. I think it is a bit deceitful to put this DVD out there without people being informed. I now need to find a way to acquire the network airing, with the song intact, so now I am yet again on another quest. Perhaps I should have knocked another star off of the rating, but I'll chalk it up to a personal quirk and leave it at that. I can be quite picky when it comes to changing or not changing a movie from it's originally aired format. August 31, 2014
Christmas in Conway This is the best movie I watched it on Hallmark Channel about 12 times during Christmas. I had to have this movie to watch all year long. January 20, 2014
Christmas in Conway I lost a brother and a sister within a month and a half of each other.. I have watched this movie probably 30 times at least and found very it comforting. This is the absolute best move anywhere at any time. Thank you and thank the actors. They were all incredible. January 6, 2014
christmas in conway loved it. loved the actors in it. if you need a good cry, this is the one to watch January 4, 2014
First Online Purchase from Hallmark Friend & I seen film on TV but couldn't find it in store. So I ordered online for her Christmas present. She was pleased to add it to her film collection. She left to visit her Mom after rec'd gift Christmas eve morning. I haven't seen her but I'm sure she & Mom & her children have watched the movie more than once. January 2, 2014
Christmas in Conway Great movie with an awesome story. It's a family favorite!! December 30, 2013
Heartwarming This tale of love between a couple does warm your heart and give all a feeling to shoot for in our own lives. December 30, 2013
Outstanding movie I'd recommend this movie for those who have suffer lost in your family. It was displayed with good taste. Hospice has done well this movie in displaying true facts. It had good christian ethics too. It shows how you can be cared for at home with little pain. It's alright to mourn over someone physically ill. December 29, 2013
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