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It's the Christmas season, but Christy Byrne (Tate Donovan) hasn't felt much joy since his wife died. When business brings him and his two children from Nova Scotia to New York City, his all-work attitude causes a fallout. Meanwhile, Catherine O'Meara (Anne Heche) is finding her "Look Up" project for a Manhattan art museum personally challenging. The project urges New Yorkers to look upward and experience the holidays in a new way—a difficult notion for a woman struggling through her third Christmas since losing her husband to cancer. Although their paths cross often, Catherine and Christy remain emotionally isolated until a crisis draws them together and they rediscover faith, hope, and love.

  • Starring Anne Heche and Tate Donovan.
  • Includes "Making of" featurette, behind-the-scenes interview, biographies, credits and production story.
  • Full-screen version; closed captioned.
  • Approx. 110 minutes running time.
  • Originally aired 11/27/05.

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What people are saying

Silver Bells 4.2 5 10 10
Agonizing I love Tate Donovan. I would watch Tate Donovan watch paint dry and after watching "Silver Bells," I believe doing such would be far more interesting. The plot was pathetic, Anne Heche a bore and relationships between characters were either unexplained or I zoned out when connections were made. Viewers were treated to a tale of two incredibly selfish people (Tate's Christy and Anne's Catherine) who were brought together because a sniveling brat didn't want to inherit his pop's tree farm, but rather follow his passion for photography. No back story offered regarding the father-son relationship, although it was implied that the father was the do-as-you're-told type (which is logical; the kid is 16, not 30). The brat decides to run off while the family is in NYC selling Christmas trees (an aside: Christy is such a great salesman that he tries to sell Catherine a tree as she is headed to work via the subway...uh duh, I've seen a lot on a NYC subway, but never a Christmas tree during the morning rush). A year passes, Christy has still not found his son (how I wish he had...90-minutes of agony would be avoided), but he returns to NYC confident the family will be reunited. Christy's talks about his MIA firstborn are devoid of emotion, which either underscores the father's distant relationship with his son or Tate Donovan's realization that he is part of a movie that just won't end. Long story short, Catherine is aiding the runaway son and becomes smitten with Christy, despite the deep, dark secret she holds. Christy falls for Catherine and even manages to forgive her dishonesty (even though it nearly costs his son his life), helps his son (now 17) get a GED and, seemingly, prepares for life in NYC. Yes, nothing far-fetched in this movie. Despite the one star, I would recommend the movie because nobody believes me when I tell them about these incredibly tarnished Silver Bells. December 28, 2013
Silver Bells I love practically all of The Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies because they have wonderful actors (male & female), good story lines and few, if any, swear words. The love stories are sweet and caring. This is a good example of a sweet love story, with suspense and drama added into the story line. I have seen it many times and enjoy it every time I watch it. October 5, 2013
Glad I could get it on DVD, a favorite Xmas movie of mine I love this movie and I am so happy that I found it on DVD, I look forward to Hallmark channel and as I said before to someone the best thing to happen to tv was the hallmark channel. Although there are quite a few xmas movies I am interested in but they are not on your list of movies. July 19, 2013
Silver Bells Very good choice to watch not only around the holidays but throughout the year should you need an uplifting movie. My wife and I watch this usually 4 times a year. February 27, 2013
Silver Bells I enjoyed the story line, the setting & the characters February 27, 2013
silver bells I had been looking for this movie on dvd for a long time. when i first seen this movie on tv, i wanted to add this to my collection, so i could watch through out year. Hallmark needs to do that with alot more of the movies you have showed on tv. February 23, 2013
Very thin plot. Although I love almost every Hallmark movie I've seen, this is not a favorite. The actors are good at their craft, but the plot is very thin and doesn't hold up. They are in NYC, the son disappears, and yet no one puts out a missing persons report? The father just keeps selling his trees? The Anne Heche character allows him to worry over his son like that? Also, I found the father very unappealing, unaccountably harsh and demanding. I don't care if he would have been the greatest looking guy in the world and rich as Midas, he was a COMPLETE turn off with barely a redeemable trait through most of the movie. Sorry, can't recommend! February 19, 2013
Very enjoyable movie I have been waiting to purchase this movie after I saw it last year. I enjoy watching it again and again. Very good story. I t keeps your interest during the entire movie. December 5, 2012
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