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Magic Cord 3.5 5 17 17
Strange cord, high shipping Just an awkward cord configuration for putting in/on your tree. And too expensive to ship - same as the price of the item! Yikes! January 25, 2014
Sneaky sales trick. I purchased a musical ornament and after leaving the store found out that it required a special cord. I immediately went back to find out that they were sold out and would not be getting more. I was not told when I purchased the ornament that a special cord was needed and that they do not keep a large supply of them. Barely got it in time for Christmas. Had to pay a lot in shipping to receive it in time. It was a gift. Hate to think I've spent all this money on ornaments that may not work once the cord quits working and I cannot get another. January 6, 2014
Good product The cord arrived quickly and in good condition. It allows up to 7 different ornaments to be hooked in at once. January 1, 2014
Confused about this product I thought it would allow me to plug in the old ornaments we have from years past that plugged into the old light cords. This is NOT what this is at all. You can't plug them into it at all! You just buy a cheap old cord from a discount store that is not LED and use it to power the old ornaments. Disappointed in this product. December 29, 2013
Great Product This makes using your powered Hallmark ornaments so much easier. December 19, 2013
Using Magic Cord with the Ornament Spotlight and Ornaments I bought the cuckoo clock magic cord ornament this year, BUT I also have several ornaments from my childhood that I bought 6 of the ornament spotlights for. Well, little did I know, that I can't just add ornament spotlights to the magic cord and have one of the musical ornaments. Once I added the ornament spotlights, the cuckoo clock only plays a few seconds of the song then nothing... is this right, or do I need to do something in the sequence of how they are plugged in? November 17, 2013
The Gift I Can Keep on Giving! I purchased this Magic Cord together with the Deck The Huuse Christmas ornament. I was so pleased that other Keepsake Ornaments can be added to the Cord in the future. It will help to make my Christmas shopping easier in the future.- February 28, 2013
great idea i got 2 keepsake ornaments this year for magic cord , cant wait til next year so i can connect even more, February 28, 2013
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