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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Linus and everyone's favorite oversized gourd are here for Halloween with the 3rd in our monthly series of Peanuts® ornaments. Learn more about Keepsake Ornaments.

  • 1.75" W x 2" H x 1.5" D

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Waiting for the Great Pumpkin 2.7 5 12 12
Adorable The detail is amazing. This one is a great addition to my Peanuts collection. December 21, 2013
Waiting for the great pumpkin Very cute! I purchased this over the weekend. I was on the list at another Hallmark but found one at another so I asked them to take me off the list. October 12, 2013
Loss of Sales on Other Ornaments My intent was to go into the store each month and at the same time, more than likely, I'd buy other ornaments before Christmas because I love the Keepsake ornaments. After Christmas, I'd probably find myself buying cards and probably more Peanuts paraphenalia. Now, Hallmark won't get my purchase on this ornament and other ornaments I would have potentially bought b/c whenever I call, they are out. There's no reason to go into the store each month. You're losing potential sales, not just on this series but on other Hallmark items by doing this. Poor sales strategy by offering very few. September 30, 2013
Can't touch this. It's really a shame when you display items and then don't have them to sell. I really would have loved to have this as well as the pumpkin pie offered next month, but I am not going to knock people over to get something and will just shop somewhere else. September 30, 2013
New Peanuts Ornaments I love the Peanuts and especially The Great Pumpkin. I recommend not starting this series because you can't find them anywhere! I got the first 2 in the series and now I can't get the third one. I asked to be put on the list for the October ornament and was told the waiting list was so long, they doubt they will get enough to get to my name on the list. September 27, 2013
Very frustrated Our stores here in Michigan are only being sent a qty. of anywhere between 2 & 4 of these. I don't understand this. Why such very small amounts?? I would like all of these but can't find them anywhere. The only reason I gave this a poor rating is that you can't find them to buy them. Very disappointed in Hallmark on this one!!! Then on top of that the stores don't seem to know when they will be getting them. Like Linus was for Sept. So on Sept. 1st it should be in stores but they are not. September 27, 2013
Still looking These peanut ornaments are selling out before people even have a chance to buy them!! Need to make more of them. I have the first two in the series but don't have this one! Went the day it came out and no luck!! September 21, 2013
Can't find Waiting for the Great Pumpkin in any stores I'm unable to find this Ornament. I will not be able to complete the collection. The store I normally shop at can't get the ornament. What's up Hallmark? September 21, 2013
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